[EP 138] Podcasts Become The Teeth feat. Zac Sewell!

Episode: 138
Guest(s): Zac Sewell!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh sits down outside of a Starbucks with his old friend, Zac Sewell! Zac is the bass player for Pianos Become The Teeth and United Nations. Pianos will release their third studio album called “Keep You” on October 28 on Epitaph Records. And United Nations just released a new record, The Next Four Years, as well.

Josh and Zac grew up together in a special little pocket of Maryland called Kent Island. So, the fellas have a nice catch up session combined with a full report of Zac’s life as a rock and roller, attempts not to gush when you meet your idols, and what happens when your drummer does PCP at a Belgian rock festival. Fun ep!

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