[EP 45] Hit That Button! feat. Wendi Townsend & Alex Braslavsky

Episode: 45
Guest(s): Wendi Townsend & Alex Braslavsky

Hola Digheads! This week Mike and Josh are joined by comedian Wendi Townsend. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, funny man Alex Braslavsky takes on co-host duties as well.

Wendi has been doing stand up in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area for a few years now. In her act, Wendi attempts to take on issues that are normally taboo for women to discuss. Wendi’s style has been described as a “brazen, no holds barred approach to comedy which is executed with confidence, timing and biting wit.”

Wendi shares some good stories during this episode, including the time she was attacked by a crackhead while Wendi was on the throne right before she was going to perform. Mike also shares a story about the time he was jumped. Alex Braslavsky has never been assaulted – not even punched in the face once. And people are too afraid to accost Josh. It’s probably because usually walks around with his arms raised in the air to make himself look bigger.

Also… one of the people on this show reveals they are not circumcised. Alright, we’ll narrow it down for you. It’s either Alex or Wendi.

We also discuss a number of to pics for this episode including, but not limited to: Penis prep school, Picture & Picture the cop duo, the Ravens, getting nailed to the wall, staying young forever, Olympics talk, Alex being from Moldova, and so much more!

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