[EP 74] The Comcast Comcast feat. Tim Hoeckel

Episode: 74
Guest(s): Tim Hoeckel

Hola DigHeads! This week we bid a fond farewell to a DigSesh regular and one on Baltimore’s best comedians, Tim Hoeckel! No, he’s not terminally ill, or being deported, or upset about Josh and Mike‘s blatant plagiarization of his patented “Tim Hoeckel Shuffle”, he’s just moving to North Carolina for some reason.

On this episode we talk about Tim the hardships of the comedian’s life, Sammy Davis and his relationship with the Church of Satan, and the hardships of pooping at the beach (sand not water).

We wish Tim well in his life in the South, where we assume he will be performing exclusively at tent revivals and Waffle Houses. Thanks Tim Hoeckel! Baltimore will truly miss you!

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