[EP 67] Tiny Bag of Spaghetti! feat. Thomas!

Episode: 67
Guest(s): Thomas!

Hola Digheads! This week, Josh and Mike are joined by the fellow podcaster and funny man – Thomas of Thomas & The Bible and F This Podcast!

Two episodes in a row we are joined by a funny feller named Thomas. Who the hells saw that coming? Must all be a part of God’s plan!

With the “Thomas and the Bible” podcast, Thomas goes through the entire bible, seeking to learn it while also poking fun at its absurdities. Whether you are an atheist like Thomas who wants to learn what he’s up against, or even if you are religious and want to set this foolish atheist straight, you are invited to listen and join him in this journey. Thomas offers his criticisms and musings in real time as he reads the bible and they’re hilarious.

We love his podcasts and we had a ton of fun talking to Thomas! Check out his pod on iTunes!

We chatted to Thomas about podcasting for free, cliches in movies, the BIG PUSSY lobby, staying in a small town because you have a good paying job, improv in small towns, how goofy the bible is, is it possible to like a job?, Christian Mingle advertisements of girls with large breasts, Mike Moran has a spaghetti sack in his nutsack as well, stadium seating balls, Arabian Goggles, and much more!

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