[EP 87] The Icing on the Urinal Cake feat. Mike Storck

Episode: 87
Guest(s): Mike Storck

Hola Digheads!On this week’s Digression Sessions we welcome back comedian and good friend of the podcast, Mike Storck. Mike is a veteran standup comedian who’s been in the game since the late nineties. Mike has contributed to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes,” won the mid-Atlantic section of HBO’s “Lucky 21,” and can tell you everything you need to know about current Mountain Dew products.

Mike schools Josh and Mike M. this week on the variations of Mountain Dew currently in existence (spoiler alert: there’s no “Chrystal” option). But that’s not all DigHeads, if you download in the next ten minutes we’ll also throw in a discussion on Mike Storck’s take on that oft-controversial, Digression Sessions, fan-favorite topic of peeing in the humidifier. And man does Mike weigh in on this one.

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