[EP 134] The Digression Sessions Live! feat. Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee!

Episode: 134
Guest(s): Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee!

Hola DigHeads! We have here our first ever live Digression Sessions recording! It was done during an all-Thunder Grunt Podcast Network night in Baltimore, and features some of our favorite folks sitting in, including comedian Tommy Sinbazo, filmmaker Chris LaMartina, fellow podcaster / writer / managing editor of Brightest Young ThingsBrandon Wetherbee, and comedian/director Ben O’Brien of Wham City Comedy!

This was a great time and we can’t wait to do it again! We talk all sorts of business, from Tommy’s construction of a Necromican, to Chris’ bachelor party at Hell House, to Brandon’s opinions on Bmore vs. DC, to Ben’s (once again) defense of eating raw chicken like’s it’s just ok.

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