[EP 89] Creamy Sincerity feat. Jay Szech

Episode: 89
Guest(s): Jay Szech

This week, we are joined by comedian and fellow podcaster Jay Szech! Jay’s last appearance on the show was deleted by terrorists, but thanks to technological advancement and sheer will of Mike and Josh’s patriotism, we did another episode!

Jay is also a teacher and all around decent fellow. He’s even dabbled in television broadcasting, as we learn in this ep. Check out his awesome podcast entitled the Jay and J show, which Josh and Mike will hopefully appear on soon!

Topics discussed include staying out of “The Book,” Jay’s disapproval of city-based hipster culture (Golden West and used copies of Hemmingway just ain’t his thang), Jay’s approval of positive support among local comedians, and a fluctuating, contradictory stance on local comedy contests (he’s a complex individual folks, like Tupac).

Thanks again for all the support we got with the City Paper poll. If its results are accurate, we are at least the third most popular podcast in Baltimore! Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher and post on our Facebook page. Thanks Digheads!

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