[EP 117] Pockets & Alleys! feat. Valance Michael & Ronald James!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh sits down with a couple of damn funny fellas named Valance Michael and Ronald James! They’re two Baltimore based stand ups as well and it was a blast talking to these guys. And they just happen to be cousins! (Shut up, you racists!) They host the soon to be podcast “Too Legit To Quit” together and Ronlad hosts the film podcast, “Movie Schmovie.”

Josh, Valance, and Ronald discuss “black-people-hating” dogs, marijuana, hipster heavens, comic books, slowly going the way of the yuppie (having dogs, salmon steaks, corn in husk cooking methods, etc), inspirational quotes from rich people, Ronald and Josh basically being the same person, weed related socks, and more!

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Episode: 117 // Guest(s): Valance Michael & Ronald James! // Listen:
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