[EP 116] Wrestling Is Real To Me, Dammit feat. Tok Moffat & Ryan Neser

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Mike has to work and Josh sits down with a couple of hilarious dudes named Tok Moffat and Ryan Neser! Funny stand ups in their own right and they produce comedy shows all of over Maryland, which you can check out right here! The Cellar Door is one of the funnest rooms to do in Maryland!

Josh, Ryan, and Tok discuss doing comedy shows when the crowd only wants to have a drunken dance party, Molly vs. Church, doing shows at biker bars, Josh’s girlfriend and how’s she totally real, stand up in shorts, and more!

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Episode: 116 // Guest(s): Tok Moffat & Ryan Neser // Listen:
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