[EP 81] We Can’t All Be Deadpool feat. Eric Frost & Nick Carter

Hola DigHeads! This week, Josh and Mike don’t screw around with formalities, format, or foreplay. This one is short but jam-packed with all sorts of fun random nonsense!

This caffeinated, anxiety attack of an episode features stand-up comedians, Eric Frost and Nick Carter. Eric is a former Baltimorean who has migrated to New York where he spends his time being funny, designing web sites, and not looking like the sociopathic teen from that movie “Kids.”

We didn’t get a whole lot out of Nick this time around (we will have him back at some point), other than the fact that he has been doing comedy for three years, is jealous of his namesake’s website, and has already prepared what he is going to say upon entering heaven.

Topics of discussion this week include: how boring super-hero movies can be, James Lipton’s lurid past, and which philosopher makes for the most bad-ass sounding name-drop (hint: depending on your pronunciation, it may rhyme with pizza).

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Episode: 81 // Guest(s): Eric Frost & Nick Carter // Listen:
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