[EP 87] The Icing on the Urinal Cake feat. Mike Storck

Hola Digheads!On this week’s Digression Sessions we welcome back comedian and good friend of the podcast, Mike Storck. Mike is a veteran standup comedian who’s been in the game since the late nineties. Mike has contributed to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes,” won the mid-Atlantic section of HBO’s “Lucky 21,” and can tell you everything you need to know about current Mountain Dew products.

Mike schools Josh and Mike M. this week on the variations of Mountain Dew currently in existence (spoiler alert: there’s no “Chrystal” option). But that’s not all DigHeads, if you download in the next ten minutes we’ll also throw in a discussion on Mike Storck’s take on that oft-controversial, Digression Sessions, fan-favorite topic of peeing in the humidifier. And man does Mike weigh in on this one.

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Episode: 87 // Guest(s): Mike Storck // Listen:
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[EP 51] Low Hanging Fruits feat. Mike Storck

Hola Digheads! This week, Mike and Josh are joined by the seasoned hand model and veteran comedian, Mike Storck!

Mike Storck started his stand up comedy career in 1998. Since then he has honed his skill for working with an audience and generating tons of fresh original A-list material.

Speaking of A-list material, Mike shares an insane story about the time a woman t-boned him while he was on his motorcycle around 40 mins into the podcast. He flew 43 feet and LANDED ON HIS HEAD. Wear your helmets kids!

Want to hear brain-addled ramblings of a man who flew 43 feet and landed on his dome piece? Mike Storck’s first album “No Frills Redux” is available here! Some say, “his creatively warped standup comedy takes audiences on a conceptual joyride fueled by an overactive imagination.” Buy it or suffer.

Besides almost dying, we also discuss a number of topics during this episode including, but not limited to: MLK’s sexual escapades, Storck dumping a girl because she didn’t “get” Arrested Development, (probably too much) Stars Wars talk, Bruce Springsteen, the posers at Bike Week, touring, working on engines, and so much more!

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Episode: 51 // Guest(s): Mike Storck // Listen:
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[EP 21] The 4 Lazy Tops feat. Doug Powell, Mike Storck

Your two favorite ear buds are back, DIGHEADS! How the hell are ya? This week, the hi-larious comedian Mike Storck makes his triumphant return to the podcast and he brought a friend with him. Luckily, it was the equally hi-larious Ol Doug Powell! That’s right – 2 guests this week! Can you believe it?!?! Yeah, we can too. It’s not that out of the ordinary really. But, this was a fun episode and we hope you enjoy. We love these fellas. This ep is a nice mix of silly riffing and serious convos about the art of comedy.

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Topics for this ep include, but are not limited to – crap, power bottoms, lazy tops, the irony that Baltimoreans celebrate the letter “O,” farming, human centipedes, nature sounds mega mixes, prozac boners, Mike Storck is the only dipper left, what to do with your body when you’re dead, cryogenic firms, that time Jesus quit comedy, Whoppertunities and more!

Episode: 21 // Guest(s): Doug Powell, Mike Storck // Listen:
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[EP 12] Pouty Vikings feat. Mike Storck

Hola, Digheads! We are back from baron lands of guestlessness. And we discovered the oasis that is the international comedian Mike Storck on our voyage home. Hawt topics in this episode include, but are not limited too: the closing of the C&C Music Factory, taking 16 No Dos at one time, burlesque, stunt asses, stunt feces, Baltimore accents, influence of acid while working at an old folk’s home, Crazy Larry’s!, comedy on cruise ships, open mics, Canada, and etc…

For all things Mike Storck check out his website, mikestorck.com and on twitter @MikeStorck

Episode: 12 // Guest(s): Mike Storck // Listen:
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