[EP 187] BUMP Fest! feat. Mike Finazzo!

The Dig Sesh is back! Josh sits down w/ his old buddy, Mike Finazzo! Finazzo is a comedian and filmmaker. His latest film, Wits End, will be appearing in the first annual BUMP Festival this week at the Senator Theatre in Baltimore!

Check it out here – http://thesenatortheatre.com/movies/events/

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Episode: 187 // Guest(s): Mike Finazzo! // Listen:
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[EP 133] That Monster Man! feat. Patton Oswalt!

Patton Oswalt is our guest on the podcast this week! Yes, it’s really him. It’s the real Patton Oswalt, of Comedians of Comedy, Werewolves and Lollipops, and Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.! And no it’s not some, “we got him to say two words into the microphone, so technically he was a guest” crap, we actually sat down and did an interview with Patton Oswalt. And the man was cool. Beyond cool. Like, maybe-he-doesn’t-realize-how-famous-he-is, cool.

Josh, Mike, and Mike Finazzo are, not only eternally grateful for Patton to take the time to do this, but inspired too. Patton Oswalt was incredibly kind, and accommodating, told some great stories, gave advice, and he even thanked us for the interview after he bought us boys some spiced pumpkin lattes (it’s Fall!). Did we mention how amazingly cool Patton Oswalt is? Thanks so much Mr. Oswalt, your comedic brilliance is matched by your strong personal character!

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Episode: 133 // Guest(s): Patton Oswalt! // Listen:
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[EP 57] But, You’ll Like It! feat. Mike Finazzo

Hola Digheads! This week, Mike and Josh are joined by filmmaker and comedian, Mike Finazzo!

Mr. Finazzo is a regular at clubs and independent comedy shows across the east coast. He’s opened for the likes of 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander, Kevin Pollak, Carlos Mencia, Carl LaBove and Rich Vos.

In addition to stand up, Finazzo has written and directed two feature length films, The Life and Times of Andrew Quinn and Pavement Tune, which received critical and commercial success in the independent film circuit. Mike’s untitled third movie is set to be filmed in 2013. Finazzo can also be heard regularly as a guest and contributor on Baltimore’s #1 radio station 98 Rock.

And most importantly, Mike’s debut album, Stupid Genius, was released on Josh’s record label, Better Robot Records, in the Spring of 2012 and debuted in the iTunes Top 50.

In this episode, Mike shares some stories from his recent weekend excursions on the road as a stand up comedian guy. He was living the dream until his wife called and informed him that their house had been broken into that weekend.

We also discuss a number of topics during this episode including, but not limited to: “Lincoln” if directed by Quentin Tarantino, getting caught doing sexual things, early drug experiences (that drum set was expensive), not shitting on local radio stations, and so much more!

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Episode: 57 // Guest(s): Mike Finazzo // Listen:
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[EP 41] The Young Republicans feat. Grant Lindahl, Bryan Preston, & Mike Finazzo

Hola Digheads! Similar to a group of sweaty juggalos in a field in the mid-west of America, we have quite the gathering on this show! Mike Moran was shampooing his hair, so Josh had Mike Finazzo and Bryan Preston take up co-host duties to interview the young, the wonderful – comedian Grant Lindahl!

Grant’s stand-up style is a mix of traditional joke telling, musical integration, dramatic intros (ie being carried on a stage in a papoose), possessing spirit animals, and sometimes – he takes his shirt off (ladies!). For instance, Grant shares a story of orchestrating a ninja fight at the DC Improv and pretending to be in throws of an acid trip on stage. You can see that here.

Grant is also freelance animator and director based in Baltimore, Maryland. He is currently working on his BFA in Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Grant recently published, “My Expensive Hobby,” a book about his experiences in the Baltimore comedy scene over the course of four months.

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: growing up on a farm, cursing in front of grandparents, pogs, ninja stand up, alt comedy, art students, and so much more!

BUY Mike Finazzo’s album “Stupid Genius,” which is available via Josh’s record label Better Robot Records!!! Only $3.99 on iTunes! The power of Christ compels you! (BetterRobotRecords.com)

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Episode: 41 // Guest(s): Grant Lindahl, Bryan Preston, & Mike Finazzo // Listen:
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[EP 34] Folded Like a Lawn Chair feat. Matt Baetz

Hola Digheads! On this week’s show one of Maryland’s finest exports, comedian Matt Baetz, joins Josh and Mike (Finazzo) for an interview in the Dig Sesh HQ. Comedian Mike Finazzo was nice enough to fill in for Mike Moran while he sets up his organic cotton candy farm.

Baetz has performed all over the world and has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4 times to do stand up and over 50 times as a featured performer in various comedy sketches.

ALSO, another muy importante fact is that Matt will be headlining the monthly comedy show Chucklestorm on Tuesday May 1, 2012 at the Ottobar. That show of course is hosted by the hilarious Alex Braslavsky and Daniel Friedman.

Baetz has also traveled extensively doing shows with the USO and AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) in the Middle East and Europe with Craig Ferguson and on his own.

We discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: what to do when you follow Louis CK, USO tours, working at ESPN, fortune cookie jokes, working at and with Craig Ferguson, performing at universities, pictures of Bob Costas on walls, official Sarah Palin thank you notes, and some much more! Thanks for listening!

Get Matt’s album on iTunes!

Oh, and Mike Finazzo’s album is coming out May 29th via Better Robot Records!

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Episode: 34 // Guest(s): Matt Baetz // Listen:
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