[EP 69] Reading is Cool! feat. Matt Stovall

Hola Digheads! This week Josh and Mike are joined by comedian, Matt Stovall!

Matt’s brand of comedy is an honest one – almost too honest, as he’s not afraid to speak freely, and without a filter. In fact, his lack of filter has gotten him in trouble both on stage and off.
For instance, Matt is probably one of the only people to get kicked out of an Amon Amarth (Viking Death Metal) show for fighting or tell a Special Olympics joke with a table of full of Special Olympics coaches in the front row.

Luckily for us though, these stories are hilarious.

Matt’s also shares stories about his early experiences in black comedy rooms, his love of metal music, his comedy influences (would you have guessed Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy?), and stories about his old internet TV show “The Salty Pirate,” where he interviewed bands and comedians like Doug Stanhope and Jim Florentine!

We also ask the tough questions on this podcast. Such as “Have you ever been called ‘Matt Snowball’???” You’ll have to listen to the cast to hear Matt’s shocking answer!

This was another fun ep!

Find all things Matt Stovall at @USAMattStovall.

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