[EP 83] Dick Finger feat. Kenny Frankly

On this week’s Dig Sesh we bid bon voyage to one of Baltimore’s many funny ladies, the always hilarious Kenny Frankly! That’s right Kenny is packin’ up her humor and headed to that other coast we’ve heard so much about.

Kenny is a standup comedian and member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. She spent a good portion of her stay here as part of “Velvet Jugular,” a desperate, untalented, act that never failed to disappoint audiences. Oh wait, I’m thinking of Velvet Revolver. Velvet Jugular is great!

On this week’s ep, we discuss Kenny’s reasons for leaving this Detroit in waiting, as well as Josh’s unexpected connection to Kenny, Mike Moran’s decision to become a Scientologist and of course Kenny’s comedy and theater chops. Oh and we learn Kenny’s real name!

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Episode: 83 // Guest(s): Kenny Frankly // Listen:
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