[EP 78] A Gay ol Time! feat. Justin Jones & Guest Co-host Umar Khan

Hola DigHeads! Who needs Mike Moran when you have Josh Kuderna, Justin Jones, and Umar Khan?! Mike had a nervous breakdown and had to hide in the fetal position in his Mom’s bathtub. But fear not, the mighty DigSesh rolls on!

For those of you who are unaware (we do have a lot of listeners of the “ignorant” demographic), Justin Jones and Umar Khan are both local stand-up comedians and official allies of the DigSesh.

This week’s rag-tag group of podcasters discuss everything from the sleaziness of pornography to the un-p.c.-ness of using the term “gay” for “stupid” and the unbelievably good historical luck of the Jewish people. Plus, we finally discover why Justin Jones uses a comedy alias!

Awesome episode despite its lack of Moraniness.

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Episode: 78 // Guest(s): Justin Jones & Guest Co-host Umar Khan // Listen:
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[EP 15] OneFoxyComic feat. Justin Jones

Heyyy nowwwwwwwwww, Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna are back! And we brought one foxy comic with us. His name is Justin Jones. He’s a comedian that hails from Baltimore. And we talk a whole bunch of smack about, but not limited to: Die Hard, Human Centipede 2, Christian Scientists, cat videos, Justin Jones, youtubes, Whose Line Is It Anyway en Espanol!, Metallica, sexy sex, ad much much more!

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Check out all that is Justin Jones here on youtube!

Episode: 15 // Guest(s): Justin Jones // Listen:
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