[EP 84] Blood Pillar feat. Jon U!

Hola Digheads! On this week’s program we have one of Josh and Mike’s favorite improvisers/people, no it’s not Wayne Brady, it’s the amazing Jon U!

Jon returns to the Digression Sessions maybe with a bit of a somber ‘tude (he says he was feeling a bit anxious) but he fortunately also brought the fact that he is the best so it all worked out. Though we didn’t get quite as metaphysical as the last time Jon was ‘round these parts, we still; had a great time in what may be one our most disjointed, yet interesting eps yet.

Topics discussed include how much Josh and Mike love Jon U, how no one appreciates an improv unless they were present for it, ghosts (spoiler alert-Mike is skeptical while Josh and Jon are suckers), and more!

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[EP 59] Secular Succotash feat. Jon U

Hola Digheads! This week, Mike has to work and Josh flies solo for a conversation with their friend and fellow improviser, Jon U!

Jon and Josh are in the troupe “Bully Union” together. While Jon started doing improv several years ago, saying things like, “Yes, and!” “Pass the clap!” and “Let’s start a dog fighting ring in my basement! This isn’t a character saying this! I really want to do this in real life!” it isn’t shocking that he’s one hell of a hilarious improviser.

During this episode, Jon discusses how he got into improv, informs Josh he’s so much more than poop jokes, and tells him about a dream where Josh and a mystery girl stole from his parents…yeah, a dream!

Most importantly Jon shares the story of his journey from “super Christian” to atheist. It’s an honest, yet funny conversation. While Jon and Josh don’t believe in God, you better believe they believe in spirits, ghosts, and aliens!


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Episode: 59 // Guest(s): Jon U // Listen:
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