[EP 39] Wicked Mustanes feat. John Bennett and Patrick Storck

Hola Digheads! On this week’s show we are joined by a couple very funny and knowledgeable men – John Bennett and Patrick Storck – for a nice chat in the Dig Sesh HQ.

Patrick writes comics, plays, movies, and wonderful bathroom wall poetry. John is the host of Mondo Baltimore and The Chuckwagon Revival podcast. Recently, Patrick and John combined their powers to create the hilarious show Expert of Nothing.

Expert of Nothing is a monthly live show where contestants challenge their knowledge (or lack thereof) in a battle of wits to be Baltimore’s top know-it-all, where it’s not what you know but how you flow on topics ranging from Astronomy to Zooey Deschanel.

The next FREE show will be Sunday June 17th at The Windup Space in Baltimore.

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: Dave Mustane’s inability to read, David Blaine’s greatest magic trick of all, meeting celebrities, the 90s obsession with polygons in virtual reality, radio theater of the mind, how Nintendo made bowling an even lazier sport, and so much more!

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Episode: 39 // Guest(s): John Bennett and Patrick Storck // Listen:
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[EP 16] Foxworthy Keytar Die Hards feat. John Bennett

Hey now, Digheads! Welcome to ep 16 where Baltimore film maker, improviser, podcaster, and all around good guy (and so much more) John Bennett joins your favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna – for a hawt Dig Sesh! Various topics in this sesh include: Train, Lil Wayne, work lunches, Die Hard w/ keytars, Point Break the Musical!, Point Break as a gay treatise, Mr. MTV, Rocky, confirmations, Foxworthy jokes, Dan Lisle Roast, Ferris Buehler theories, baby talk, salad talk, and much much more!

Check out John’s podcast – The Chuckwagon Revival

John’s sketches – Strictly Platonic

Episode: 16 // Guest(s): John Bennett // Listen:
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