[EP 48] It’s a Jenn Tisdale…Out in the Wild! feat. Jenn Tisdale

Hola Digheads! This week Mike and Josh are joined by comedian, podcaster, and serial tweeter, Jenn Tisdale!

Jenn‘s comedic style involves a bit of sarcasm, a thimble full of dryness, and a dash of inappropriateness in order to create the greatest melting pot of comedy since America’s inception! She can be seen at local clubs and colleges around the Baltimore/D.C. area. Ms. Tisdale will be performing on September 6, 2012 at the Color Me Funny Comedy at Delia Foley’s in Baltimore. And when she’s not doing the stand ups, Jenn co-hosts the live podcast You, Me, Them, Everyone with Brandon Wetherbee.

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: Ice Cube’s good day, Pooping in the woods, crypt keeper puppet, people born in the 90s, Halloween costumes, STP, the twitters, Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band, when to answer friend requests, some movie talk, and so much more!

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[EP 13] Poopy Pants feat. Jenn Tisdale

Heyyyyy nowwwwwwww Digheads! We are back! And the first lady of the podcast, Jenn Tisdale, oh my god she’s back again! Too! Listen up as Mike Moran and Jenn Tisdale regale each other with pant pooping stories. See if you can tell when Josh Kuderna was the most disgusted! FYI poop talk starts at about 52 minutes into the cast, digheads. Mike Moran tells one of the most epic pants pooping stories of all time.

Topics: Michael Ian Black, roasts, the Aflecks, 80s movies, Weekend at River Phoenix’s, drug experimentation, Mel Keller and the FAP Cast, menstrual cups, improv, passive feminism, and of course Jenn and Mike talking about the many times that they pooped their respective pants.

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For all things Jenn Tisdale – http://www.facebook.com/JennTisdaleComedyBronze

Episode: 13 // Guest(s): Jenn Tisdale // Listen:
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[EP 9] Meta-Spooky feat. Jenn Tisdale

Happy Halloween, Digheads!!! This episode is so funny, it’s SPOOKY.

Baltimore comedian Jenn Tisdale joins us to talk aboot a myriad of subjects such as awkward back rubs at horror movie conventions, the diary of Anne Frank, Tom Cruise, meta stuff, the 90s, and of course the weasel himself – Pauly Shore. AND SO MUCH MORE SPOOKY STUFF.

For everything Jenn Tisdale go to http://www.facebook.com/JennTisdaleComedyBronze

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Episode: 9 // Guest(s): Jenn Tisdale // Listen:
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