[EP 104] Pants Up. feat. Isaac Hirsch & Luke Wienecke!

Hola DigHeads! We have an all-male four-way with Isaac Hirsch and Luke Wienecke! As both performers and promoters, these two young fellas have been at the helm of the comedy world within the walls of University of Maryland and we caught them just as they were headed out west to some place called Los Angeles to perform with past guest Hampton Yount and others. We had an interesting and hilarious episode this week with these two great guys.

Topics discussed include: Isaac’s daishiki-like wardrobe, peeing your pants as an adult, Off The Wall comedy at UMD, Luke’s business savvy, operating elevators for strangers, and witnessing a coke fueled bar fight!

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Episode: 104 // Guest(s): Isaac Hirsch & Luke Wienecke! // Listen:
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