[EP 100] TRIPLE DIGITS feat. Matt Mahaffey!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s podcast we have Matt Mahaffey! Matt is a standup comedian and comedic actor and rolls with the local comedy group, Color Me Funny (Hey, three variations of the word comedy in that sentence!). Matt is a very funny, kind, and interesting individual and we are grateful to have him on a very special episode!

Why special you ask? Well it just so happens that Matt stopped by on our 100th episode! Sure it’s just an arbitrary number only given special significance because humans likely evolved the ten interval number system from counting on our fingers, but the emotional significance is far greater! Josh and Mike have had a blast over the last 100 episodes and are eternally grateful for all the DigHeads around the globe!

On this episode, we discuss include Matt’s eventual comedic aspirations in far away lands, rapping, shit factories, the formation of Color Me Funny and much more! Go to ColorMeFunnyComedy.com for their shorts and live dates!

Thanks everyone for 100 episodes of making Josh and Mike’s dreams a reality! If you get a chance, please say hi on our Facebook page or maybe leave a review on iTunes! Thanks everyone! We Love you!

Episode: 100 // Guest(s): Matt Mahaffey! // Listen:
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[EP 82] J. Edgar Sideburns feat. Chris Hudson

Hola DigHeads! This week we have Chris Hudson! Chris is a local stand-up comedian, musician, and wacky facial hair enthusiast who recently nearly died in a car accident! Nice try fate, but when the Digression Sessions schedules you, not even the cold scythe of death gives you an excuse to cancel.

On this episode, Chris reveals all of the traumatic details of his rendezvous with life’s hard and indifferent final act, as well as his perfectly trimmed sideburns! Luke Perry, move to the back of the bus!
Chris isn’t the only one willing to get real this week. Mike questions if to-go coffee lids are intentionally designed to drip coffee everywhere while Josh finally calls out and exposes the most evil individuals on the planet today. Hint: it has nothing to do with a recent, personal, experience of first-world inconvenience. Furthermore, tow truck yards are the scum of the Earth!

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Episode: 82 // Guest(s): Chris Hudson // Listen:
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[EP 81] We Can’t All Be Deadpool feat. Eric Frost & Nick Carter

Hola DigHeads! This week, Josh and Mike don’t screw around with formalities, format, or foreplay. This one is short but jam-packed with all sorts of fun random nonsense!

This caffeinated, anxiety attack of an episode features stand-up comedians, Eric Frost and Nick Carter. Eric is a former Baltimorean who has migrated to New York where he spends his time being funny, designing web sites, and not looking like the sociopathic teen from that movie “Kids.”

We didn’t get a whole lot out of Nick this time around (we will have him back at some point), other than the fact that he has been doing comedy for three years, is jealous of his namesake’s website, and has already prepared what he is going to say upon entering heaven.

Topics of discussion this week include: how boring super-hero movies can be, James Lipton’s lurid past, and which philosopher makes for the most bad-ass sounding name-drop (hint: depending on your pronunciation, it may rhyme with pizza).

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Episode: 81 // Guest(s): Eric Frost & Nick Carter // Listen:
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[EP 80] HorseCop! feat. Josh & Mike

Hola DigHeads! This week on The Digression Sessions we have a meeting of Narcissists Anonymous as Josh and Mike discuss their favorite subjects again: Josh Kuderna and Mike Moran (not necessarily in that order).

Our two heroes catch up with each other and discuss where they are in this bizarre world of local comedy (necessarily in that order). Subjects also discussed include peeing into humidifiers, soccer hooliganism, being ill, horsecops, and old-timey talk. Who says DigSesh is afraid to tackle the big issues of today?!

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Episode: 80 // Guest(s): Josh & Mike // Listen:
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[EP 79] Swollen Ankles feat. Justin Hancock

Hola DigHeads! This week we have Justin Hancock, another very funny gentleman from that Color Me Funny crew. Justin has been doing standup in and around Baltimore and Bel Air, Maryland for the last few years, as well as acting in those hilarious CMF shorts (I’m talking about video not clothing).

On this episode we discuss Justin’s brief stint as an EMT, the reality of the ol’ “weather makes my knee hurt tale,” exactly how Justin was made fun of in school, and so much more. Plus Justin and Josh square off to see who’s ankles are the most swollen!

We had another funny and interesting conversation with Justin and we are getting our awkward silence ration down to a solid .5% or so!

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Episode: 79 // Guest(s): Justin Hancock // Listen:
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