[EP 66] 127 Numbers Passed the Decimal Point of Pie feat. Thomas Dotstry

Hola Digheads! This week, we are joined by the mega talented improviser, rapper, and directorThomas Dotstry aka G Gekko!

Thomas is quite the interesting character. The onion that is his life is layered like a mother fucker. He’s been improvising all over the US for about 9 years. He raps under the moniker “G Gekko.” And recently put out his debut album “Office Politics as Usual,” which is available on iTunes and Spotify. Portions of the proceeds from album sales go towards autism research as well. He produces, edits, and directs his own hilarious rap videos. And, just to make it interesting, he’s an officer in the Navy and spends his time riding around in a nuclear submarine. Total cliché story, right?!

The Baltimore Improv Group was lucky enough to have him for 2 years before the Navy uprooted him to Connecticut. We’d say more, but BIG currently has a class action lawsuit against the Navy for their blatant thievery. And we can see why the Navy is being greedy, Thomas is one of the most generous people – on stage and off. He had a great impact on our small community and he’ll be greatly missed.

It was great talking to Thomas. We’ve known Thomas for a few years, but never really heard his super hero origin story and he was nice enough to tell us all about it. He’s an excellent improviser and an amazing person. We’re really going to miss this guy.

We talk about our relationship with technology and internet phenomena such as memes, trolling, Kuderna-ing, .gifs, Vines, memorizing pie, nuclear submarines, Ron Mexico, throwing people out windows, improv, and much more!

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Check out Thomas’ blog – http://danquail.wordpress.com/

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