[EP 43] A Little Extraordinary feat. Double Duchess

Hola Digheads! This ep was recorded a little while ago, but Josh’s external hard drive crashed and its contents were finally recovered! Mike and Josh recorded a rambling intro for about 40 minutes and then Josh interviewed the campy, extraordinary, uber-gay, electro-hop duo – Double Duchess. And, contrary to popular belief they’re not one woman with a huge butt!

After 12 years of living in New York, Berlin, Montreal, and Paris, the international Krylon Superstar moved back to his native state of California and in 2008 and met Baltimore/Annapolis based musician and producer d.a.v.O (Dave) in San Francisco. They soon formed Double Duchess. Their sound can be described as a dancey, campy, and hip-hoppy, which transcends genres and genders through a live and interactive theatrical experience. “These high-energy, playful, fun, divas will have you wishing you were as queer as they are…!” – Dave Coullier

Josh was a huge fan of Dave’s old band, Jepetto which sounds slightly different from his new group. Shortly after Jepetto’s demise, Dave came out of the closet and eventually moved to San Francisco to pursue music and a new lifestyle.

We discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: coming out of the closet, big butts, Erin Brockovich, local nut jobs, travelling, astrology, vegans, hair dressers, political business, and so much more!

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