[EP 170] The Depression Sessions feat. Josh & Mike

Hola Digheads! It’s a no guest, no problem kind of ep…well, there are a couple problems. That’s right, it’s an old fashioned Depression Sessions episode. Mike and Josh talk about shit that bums them out regarding comedy and family. But, it’s still a fun ep and an honest talk between friends. Hope you enjoy it.

And come to our live podcast on 11/9 at Liam Flynn’s Ale House at 8 pm in Baltimore! We’ll guests from our Thunder Grunt podcast network and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

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Episode: 170 // Guest(s): Josh & Mike // Listen:
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[EP 114] Fry Holsters! feat. Josh & Mike! (The Love)

Hola, DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh and Mike let it all hang out and go guestless yet again! Your two favorite ear buds catch up on life, liberty, and the pursuit of fry holsters, on this most revealing yet absurd solo episode!

Fry holsters aren’t the only thing discussed this week however, as the boys also chat it up about local-comedy life, Josh’s “very productive adult day,” and what time Day Light Saving’s Time starts. Spoiler Alert: its not midnight.

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Episode: 114 // Guest(s): Josh & Mike! (The Love) // Listen:
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