[EP 205] Captain Homeowner feat. Josh and Finazzo!

Hola Digheads, this week Josh buys a house and Finazzo is back in the saddle, baby!

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Episode: 205 // Guest(s): Josh and Finazzo! // Listen:
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[EP 170] The Depression Sessions feat. Josh & Mike

Hola Digheads! It’s a no guest, no problem kind of ep…well, there are a couple problems. That’s right, it’s an old fashioned Depression Sessions episode. Mike and Josh talk about shit that bums them out regarding comedy and family. But, it’s still a fun ep and an honest talk between friends. Hope you enjoy it.

And come to our live podcast on 11/9 at Liam Flynn’s Ale House at 8 pm in Baltimore! We’ll guests from our Thunder Grunt podcast network and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

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Episode: 170 // Guest(s): Josh & Mike // Listen:
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[EP 122] Holy Man of Hardcore feat. Pete Buchbauer

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh sits down with comedian and beer enthusiast, Pete Buchbauer!

Pete is a guy that has dabbled with stand up over the years while also pursuing other creative outlets like music, sketch comedy, and amateur wrestling in West Virginia. That’s right, it’s our first guest that willing had a staple gun used on him! Willingly! He was known as Jessie Christ the “Holy Man of Hardcore.” But, Pete has hung up the tights and is now pursuing stand up with a vengeance. And we talk all about it!

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Episode: 122 // Guest(s): Pete Buchbauer // Listen:
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[EP 92] Tony Danza Stark feat. Ben O'Brien!

Hola DigHeads! We have another excellent episode with the return of the always lovable and usually anxious Ben O’Brien! Ben is a comedian and director/writer/producer of Showbeast and resides among those Wham City folk we’ve heard so much about. In conjunction with Showbeast, Ben has directed music videos for some of Baltimore’s greatest musical talents including Dan Deacon, Height, Dope Body, and Beach House!

This week we discuss with Ben, his chronic anxiety issues, Showbeast, his infomercial for Adult Swim, and his long time running of a hoax website that convinced the world he was the world’s biggest Tony Danza fan! He even landed a radio interview with the big guy himself (featured at the end of the episode).

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Episode: 92 // Guest(s): Ben O'Brien! // Listen:
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[EP 79] Swollen Ankles feat. Justin Hancock

Hola DigHeads! This week we have Justin Hancock, another very funny gentleman from that Color Me Funny crew. Justin has been doing standup in and around Baltimore and Bel Air, Maryland for the last few years, as well as acting in those hilarious CMF shorts (I’m talking about video not clothing).

On this episode we discuss Justin’s brief stint as an EMT, the reality of the ol’ “weather makes my knee hurt tale,” exactly how Justin was made fun of in school, and so much more. Plus Justin and Josh square off to see who’s ankles are the most swollen!

We had another funny and interesting conversation with Justin and we are getting our awkward silence ration down to a solid .5% or so!

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Episode: 79 // Guest(s): Justin Hancock // Listen:
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