[EP 113] Turn Down for Responsibilities feat. Thezz Grimes

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Mike has to work and Josh sits down with the hilarious and soft spoken Maryland based comedian, Thezz Grimes! Thezz is one sixth of comedy collective, Color Me Funny!

Josh and Thezz discuss when it’s appropriate to turn down for things, Thezz’s not eating cheese, when it’s appropriate to give a high five to a high school wrestler, credit scores, people that can get it, how Color Me Funny got started, and Taco Bell served in brown bags!

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Episode: 113 // Guest(s): Thezz Grimes // Listen:
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[EP 100] TRIPLE DIGITS feat. Matt Mahaffey!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s podcast we have Matt Mahaffey! Matt is a standup comedian and comedic actor and rolls with the local comedy group, Color Me Funny (Hey, three variations of the word comedy in that sentence!). Matt is a very funny, kind, and interesting individual and we are grateful to have him on a very special episode!

Why special you ask? Well it just so happens that Matt stopped by on our 100th episode! Sure it’s just an arbitrary number only given special significance because humans likely evolved the ten interval number system from counting on our fingers, but the emotional significance is far greater! Josh and Mike have had a blast over the last 100 episodes and are eternally grateful for all the DigHeads around the globe!

On this episode, we discuss include Matt’s eventual comedic aspirations in far away lands, rapping, shit factories, the formation of Color Me Funny and much more! Go to ColorMeFunnyComedy.com for their shorts and live dates!

Thanks everyone for 100 episodes of making Josh and Mike’s dreams a reality! If you get a chance, please say hi on our Facebook page or maybe leave a review on iTunes! Thanks everyone! We Love you!

Episode: 100 // Guest(s): Matt Mahaffey! // Listen:
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[EP 79] Swollen Ankles feat. Justin Hancock

Hola DigHeads! This week we have Justin Hancock, another very funny gentleman from that Color Me Funny crew. Justin has been doing standup in and around Baltimore and Bel Air, Maryland for the last few years, as well as acting in those hilarious CMF shorts (I’m talking about video not clothing).

On this episode we discuss Justin’s brief stint as an EMT, the reality of the ol’ “weather makes my knee hurt tale,” exactly how Justin was made fun of in school, and so much more. Plus Justin and Josh square off to see who’s ankles are the most swollen!

We had another funny and interesting conversation with Justin and we are getting our awkward silence ration down to a solid .5% or so!

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Episode: 79 // Guest(s): Justin Hancock // Listen:
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[EP 76] Who Is This Brandon Lescure? feat. Brandon Lescure

Hola DigHeads! This week we sit and chat with comedian, Brandon Lescure. Brandon is a major force behind the local comedy-team juggernaut, Color Me Funny. The self-proclaimed “glue” of the group, Brandon spends nearly as much time and effort working on CMF’s multiple stand-up shows, bi-weekly web videos, and other things in the works, as Josh and Mike spend thinking about doing things.

We talk with Brandon about his regular life (he’s a mailman), his stand-up career (he does this when not working as a mailman), and his desire to keep his day job as separated as possible from his comedy endeavors (which we understand, I mean he’s a mailman for Christ’s sake).

Seriously this is a great episode; Brandon is a funny and intelligent guy. We even foray into personal ghost tales, crime-fighting encounters, and Mike’s total ignorance of anything going on in the world of comedy. Oh, and we get a DigSesh exclusive as Brandon drops a major announcement about the future of Color Me Funny!

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Episode: 76 // Guest(s): Brandon Lescure // Listen:
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[EP 68] Spin on Home, Boy! feat. Mike Turpin

Hola DigHeads! This week Josh and Mike are joined by comedian, actor, spin-teacher, and one-time slam
poet, Mike Turpin!

As a member of the Maryland based comedy team Color Me Funny, Mike’s uplifting brand of eccentric, often-
improvisational humor blurs the line between stand-up comedy and performance art. Don’t let the fact
that Mike Turpin could kick your ass lead you to believe that he isn’t intelligent, kind, and totally weird.

A physical trainer by day, Mike has also has been flexing his acting muscle in both Color Me Funny’s
series of web shorts
, as well as in the upcoming Baltimore-based sitcom, Charm City. Also, Mike has recently been appearing on 98 Rock’s morning show with Mickey, Amelia, and Speigel, though sadly this format does not allow for those stunning Mike Turpin visuals (sorry ladies).

In this episode we discuss Mike’s younger days as a slam poet, why Mike Turpin doesn’t drink, Faces of Death Videos, his comedy influences, and more! It was quite the fun ep!

Find all things Mike Turpin at Color Me Funny’s website and @MikeTurpinCMF on twitter.

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The Digression Sessions as well.

Thanks DigHeads!!

Episode: 68 // Guest(s): Mike Turpin // Listen:
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