[EP 134] The Digression Sessions Live! feat. Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee!

Hola DigHeads! We have here our first ever live Digression Sessions recording! It was done during an all-Thunder Grunt Podcast Network night in Baltimore, and features some of our favorite folks sitting in, including comedian Tommy Sinbazo, filmmaker Chris LaMartina, fellow podcaster / writer / managing editor of Brightest Young ThingsBrandon Wetherbee, and comedian/director Ben O’Brien of Wham City Comedy!

This was a great time and we can’t wait to do it again! We talk all sorts of business, from Tommy’s construction of a Necromican, to Chris’ bachelor party at Hell House, to Brandon’s opinions on Bmore vs. DC, to Ben’s (once again) defense of eating raw chicken like’s it’s just ok.

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Episode: 134 // Guest(s): Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee! // Listen:
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[EP 44] HPV Lovecraft feat. Chris LaMartina

Hola Digheads! This week Mike and Josh are joined by director, writer, rock n roller, juvenile diabetic, and known pizza eater – Chris LaMartina! Chris has co-written, produced, and directed five feature films including: Dead Teenagers, Book of Lore, President’s Day, Grave Mistakes, and Witch’s Brew.

Ever since he got his hands on a camcorder at the age of 11, Chris has been making films. Before that he dictated his stories to his Godmother who would type them on a typewriter. And he’s been eating pizza since God knows when. While working for the Mayor of Baltimore in the office of Cable & Communications as a producer/director for their government TV channel, he produced Grave Mistakes and President’s Day. Sadly he was laid off 2 weeks before shooting began on Witch’s Brew. Chris used his savings and funds from Kickstarter to produce Witch’s Brew. Due to financial constraints, he thought that would be his last film.

However, Chris is forging ahead and currently he has two films in the works. The first is an 80s period piece that will be a found footage film and the second is a heavily HP Lovecraft influenced film entitled, Call-Girl of Cthulhu. Call-Girl will hopefully be funded through investors. And, if all goes to plan shooting will begin in the Spring of 2013.

If you’re in the Baltimore area, and you’re reading this on the weekend of July 21st check Chris’s and his long time film partner, Jimmy George’s VHS/VIP at Artscape. VHS/VIP is an exploration of VHS movies that includes local filmmakers Kristen Anchor, the 48 Hour Film Project’s Rob Hatch, and others, LaMartina made a video mixtape of his favorite scenes from videos.

And finally, we were lucky enough to have the hilarious and great artist Grant Lindahl sketch us while we recorded this ep. He killed it! Check it out!

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: karaoke podcasts (perform your favorite Dig Sesh live!), puns, lots of puns, making your hometown better, goodcest, Civil War era Penthouse letters, lunch in cemeteries, Pilates on ya body!, and so much more!

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Episode: 44 // Guest(s): Chris LaMartina // Listen:
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