[EP 102] Icy Hot Oranges & Watermelons feat. Bob Rose

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s pod we have the very funny Bob Rose! Bob is a filmmaker as well as a co-host of the “An Innocent Looking Bookstore” podcast, recently voted “Best Podcast in Baltimore” by the City Paper. Yes, that’s right, we here at Baltimore’s number three podcast ain’t too proud to exploit those to whom we are resentful for the purpose of a great episode!

Seriously though, Bob’s a great dude and we had a great time. Topics discussed this week include adolescent intercourse with inanimate objects (we all agree on warmed fruit as preferential), Bob’s habit of making award winning short films, and of course the scene in Ghost Dad where Bill Cosby gets urinated through. This was a real fun one guys and Bob is a unique personality.

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