[EP 134] The Digression Sessions Live! feat. Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee!

Hola DigHeads! We have here our first ever live Digression Sessions recording! It was done during an all-Thunder Grunt Podcast Network night in Baltimore, and features some of our favorite folks sitting in, including comedian Tommy Sinbazo, filmmaker Chris LaMartina, fellow podcaster / writer / managing editor of Brightest Young ThingsBrandon Wetherbee, and comedian/director Ben O’Brien of Wham City Comedy!

This was a great time and we can’t wait to do it again! We talk all sorts of business, from Tommy’s construction of a Necromican, to Chris’ bachelor party at Hell House, to Brandon’s opinions on Bmore vs. DC, to Ben’s (once again) defense of eating raw chicken like’s it’s just ok.

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Episode: 134 // Guest(s): Ben O'Brien, Chris LaMartina, Tommy Sinbazo, & Brandon Wetherbee! // Listen:
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[EP 92] Tony Danza Stark feat. Ben O'Brien!

Hola DigHeads! We have another excellent episode with the return of the always lovable and usually anxious Ben O’Brien! Ben is a comedian and director/writer/producer of Showbeast and resides among those Wham City folk we’ve heard so much about. In conjunction with Showbeast, Ben has directed music videos for some of Baltimore’s greatest musical talents including Dan Deacon, Height, Dope Body, and Beach House!

This week we discuss with Ben, his chronic anxiety issues, Showbeast, his infomercial for Adult Swim, and his long time running of a hoax website that convinced the world he was the world’s biggest Tony Danza fan! He even landed a radio interview with the big guy himself (featured at the end of the episode).

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Episode: 92 // Guest(s): Ben O'Brien! // Listen:
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[EP 47] Podcasting With Friends! feat. Ben O'Brien

Hola Digheads! This week Mike and Josh are joined by the mega multi-talented director, writer, comedian, and thinker – Ben O’Brien!

Ben created the web-series Showbeast with Erin Gleeson back in 2006. Webster’s Dictionary defines Showbeast as “films for people who like TV for the internet.” Ben and his comrades have made over 21 videos with Showbeast including music videos for Beach House, Dan Deacon, Height with Friends, Dope Body, and Ear Pwr. They’re currently hard at work on creating a full length episode. In the meantime, check out Showbeast’s videos here: showbeast.net

Ben also manages and performs in the Wham City Comedy Tour and co-hosts the monthly Wham City Comedy Night with Mason Ross and Ellie Beziat. The next Wham City Comedy Night is Tuesday August 28 at Liam Flynn’s Ale House.

Ben was a great guest and shares some stories from the road and how the Wham City Comedy Tour came together, how the concept for Dan Deacon’s “True Thrush” video is based on game they play called “Nipples My Garden,” his similarities with Ol Dirty Bastard and their affinity for things that are raw, his love for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, his involvement Wham City’s live theatrical presentation of Jurassic Park, and his super hero origin story.

We also discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: Rocky movies, Spencer’s House, surviving off of Spencer’s items only, Steve Urkel, Ben’s tweets, and so much more!


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Episode: 47 // Guest(s): Ben O'Brien // Listen:
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