[EP 35] I’mma Slap Your Momma’s Left Titty feat. Stavros Halkias

Episode: 35
Guest(s): Stavros Halkias

Hola Digheads! On this week’s show the young whipper snapper, comedian Stavros Halkias, joins Josh and Mike (Finazzo) for an interview in the Dig Sesh HQ. Comedian Mike Finazzo was nice enough to pinch hit for the injured Mike Moran.

Stavros started comedy because he was miserable. He’s been doing stand for a few years. And NOW he’s a little less miserable! We kid! He’s doing quite well for a young comedian on the grind. Stavros recently won the Magooby’s New Talent Contest and is earning his stripes and the respect of other comedians by performing all over the Baltimore and D.C. area several times a week.

Stavros also hosts the (seb) Comedy Hour – a monthly comedy show at UMBC. Past guest, Hampton Yount will be the headliner at the next show on May 10.

There’s a decent amount of “inside baseball” talk about the art of stand up in this ep, but it’s a good one – especially if you’re thinking about getting into stand up.

We discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: Performing comedy at bar shows, writing jokes, work ethic, the size of Stavros’ penis, teaching America’s youth, Greek translations for tampons, comedic aspirations, dealing w/ the handicapped in underwear, and much more!

Don’t forget! Mike Finazzo’s album is coming out May 29th via Better Robot Records!

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