[EP 107] I’ve Prepared These Floppy Wigs feat. Sean Joyce!

Episode: 107
Guest(s): Sean Joyce!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s episode, Josh sits down for another one-on-one Barbara Walters style interview with the very funny DC based comedian, Sean Joyce! Sean independently produces and hosts three of Washington D.C.’s best weekly comedy shows. He has been performing stand-up comedy in the D.C. area for years at venues like the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, Howard Theatre, State Theatre, and as part of the D.C. comedy festival, The Bentzen Ball. He has performed with comedians like Tommy Johnagin, Jared Logan, and Tony Woods. Follow Sean on Twitter and check out his shows here!

Josh and Sean discuss Sean’s time as the self proclaimed “King of Applebees,” Sean’s deep rooted fear of improv, how crazy it is to pursue to stand up comedy, and we discuss it all while Sean sits in Josh’s lap!

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