[EP 185] Baby Formula feat. Sarah Colonna, Mike Moran, & Josh Kuderna

Episode: 185
Guest(s): Sarah Colonna, Mike Moran, & Josh Kuderna

Hola DigHeads! Josh has a quick convo w/ comedian Sarah Colonna in the green room of the Drafthouse Comedy Theater in DC. Then, around the 20 min mark, the boys are back discussing seeing a comedian bomb hard, Nasim Pedrad cheek kisses, Mike recounts his recent, less-romantic, car accident, in which he was rear-ended while parked and smashed into another car in front. The bad news is, he’s out of work for awhile, but the good news is, he doesn’t really like to work!

Oh and just to qualify the Digression part of the podcast’s title, the boys somehow go off into a round of Mike sampling baby formula left on Josh’s stoop! Yes. For real. At the 50 min mark.

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