[EP 19] Roller Coaster of Blood feat. Bridget Cavailoa

Episode: 19
Guest(s): Bridget Cavailoa

What up, Digheads! Your two favorite earbuds are back! This week another member of the Baltimore Improv Group joins Josh and Mike on their journey to Hilarious Town! The guest must remain anonymous in the description this week because or he/she drops knowledge on the chitlins on a regular basis. But, listen in and you’ll uncover the secret identity of our wonderful guest!

Topics for this week’s show include: Swipey cards, cat paws, cat pause, cat fragments, new xmas outfits, juggalos, Greece II, Baltimore Improv Group, haste, Santorum – the frothy mix of lube and feces, stoves for rent, videos for rent, 3D arrows, 3 burner stoves, teacher politics bullish, activities under tables, Look Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking II, Acme Stoves & Video, up high, a pie, SUPPER, Splatterhorn, and so much more!

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