[EP 72] Foam Party! feat. Rob Farley

Episode: 72
Guest(s): Rob Farley

Hola DigHeads! This week we have the very funny and interesting stand-up comedian Rob Farley! Don’t let Rob’s beard, tattoos, and having worked at the City Paper fool you, Rob is no hipster, as he makes clear in this ep! In just a year of doing stand-up, Rob has risen from the vacant depths of just being a funny guy to featuring at local shows and even opening for Doug Stanhope!

This may be one of our sharpest and honest episodes yet, as Rob’s comedic and conversational energy blends seamlessly with Josh and Mike’s. He was also nice enough to bring over some foamy beers!

On this week’s show we talk with Rob about high school, being an Army brat, bad performances gone silent, good intentions, gone awkward and more! I think we even get more Stephen King this week.

Find Rob on the Twitters @bmorecomical!

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