[EP 159] Not The Script I Wrote feat. Rahmein Mostafavi

Episode: 159
Guest(s): Rahmein Mostafavi

Ay Digheads, the Dig Sesh is back! Josh interviews his friend, comedian, and producer of the fantastic Cool Cow Comedy shows on the East Coast — Rahmein Mostafavi!

Rahmein is a hilarious dude and incredibly nice. That’s why this episode was a shocker, as Rahmein let’s Josh know that he’s separating from his wife. It’s brutal, but things are ending amicably. And as Rahmein said, “It’s not the script I wrote, but it’s what I got.” This ep was recorded in the green room of the Maggoby’s comedy club and DC comedian Max Rosenblum of Last Resort Comedy chimes in for a bit as well.

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