[EP 36] Prehensile & Gretel feat. Jim Meyer

Episode: 36
Guest(s): Jim Meyer

Hola Digheads! On this week’s show veteran comedian, writer, scuba diver, actor, voice of the Iron Birds, Hyundai owner, Jim Myer, joins Josh and Mike MORAN for an interview in the Dig Sesh HQ. That’s right, digheads. Mike Moran is black! Wait…I mean back!

Jim has been called the “White Bill Cosby” of comedy (by Mike Moran). Jim has been performing the stand ups all over America for over 10 years now. Jim recently earned his Masters in writing from John Hopkin’s University and lends his talents to Baltimore’s City Paper, Grist, and Urbanite magazine.

Jim shares some great stories about some of his worst shows. While they may have been terrible shows for Jim, they make for hilarious and fantastic podcast stories for us! These stories involve audience members riding horses, flashing guns, and what to do when a BET audience turns on a comedian and the promoter pays the comedian little to nothing. But, it’s not all bad. Jim also shares some of his best and most fulfilling stand up moments.

We discuss a number of topics for this episode including, but not limited to: brag club, fighting rednecks and kissing them after, Cracker Jack, laughing like Seth Rogen, performing for BET, what to do when hecklers have guns, elephant sex, prehensile penises, 28 Days Later vs. 28 Days, what “CT Scan” actually stands for and much more!

Did you know Mike Finazzo’s album “Stupid Genius” is still coming out May 29th via Josh’s record label Better Robot Records!? WELL IT IS! Please check it out!

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