[EP 11] Bucket of He-Man w/ The Love Between 2 Hosts feat. No Guest

HOLA DIGHEADS! We are back for another hawt hawt Dig Sesh! And lucky you, we don’t have a guest this week! That’s right. It’s just the love between two hosts on this one. Apparently Chris Rock doesn’t like to return phone calls anymore! But, that’s aight. Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna pick up the ball that Chris Rock dropped and mold it into a beautiful lovely podcast for your listening expereience! This description needs more exclamation points!


We talk about it all on this one. There’s He-man, strip clubs, men who lactate, Morgan Freeman, Spiderman in Shawshank Penitentiary, and tragedy talk!

Get at us on twitter, Digheads! @MichaelMoran10 && @JKuderna

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[EP 10] Blason Saddles feat. Blake Phelps, Jason Schwab

DIGHEADS, welcome to episode 10! That’s right! Double digits! WE DID IT, DIGHEADS! The wonderful and hilarious THE Jason SchwabS returend to the podcast and he brought along the beautiful and gassy and THE Blake “Brakes” Phelps! This ep has it all – KISS, hog penises, provolone bites, Ledo’s talk, and most importantly a nice trip down Memory Road.

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Episode: 10 // Guest(s): Blake Phelps, Jason Schwab // Listen:
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[EP 9] Meta-Spooky feat. Jenn Tisdale

Happy Halloween, Digheads!!! This episode is so funny, it’s SPOOKY.

Baltimore comedian Jenn Tisdale joins us to talk aboot a myriad of subjects such as awkward back rubs at horror movie conventions, the diary of Anne Frank, Tom Cruise, meta stuff, the 90s, and of course the weasel himself – Pauly Shore. AND SO MUCH MORE SPOOKY STUFF.

For everything Jenn Tisdale go to http://www.facebook.com/JennTisdaleComedyBronze

EMAIL US YOUR THOUGHTS/CONCERNS – Digression.Sessions@gmail.com


Episode: 9 // Guest(s): Jenn Tisdale // Listen:
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[EP 8] 2 Hosts 1 Cup 1 Grossed-out Dan Lisle feat. Dan Lisle

Dan Lisle – comedian, improviser, hand model, romance novel writer, musician, lover – joins Josh and Mike to discuss his wild life as a Jewish Sunday School teacher, Paris Hilton’s brown eye, and his fear of the Oscar winning films such as “2 Girls 1 Cup” and “2 Guys 1 Horse.” AND, this episode was too much for garage band and craps out on us about 55 mins into the ep….DANG YOU GARAGE BAND!!

@danlisle, @michaelmoran10, @jkuderna on the twitters

Episode: 8 // Guest(s): Dan Lisle // Listen:
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[EP 7] Let’s Leave Certain Magazines in the Woods for Future Generations feat. Thomas Dotstry

The hilarious and talented improviser/officer of the deck/tool man Thomas Dotstry joins Michael Moran and Josh Kuderna to discuss the pressing topics on everyone’s minds – adult material in the woods, optimus prime’s untimely demise, nuclear submarines, cartoon boobs, Dr. Andre, etc.

And check out Thomas’ blog – http://danquail.wordpress.com/

Episode: 7 // Guest(s): Thomas Dotstry // Listen:
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