[EP 16] Foxworthy Keytar Die Hards feat. John Bennett

Hey now, Digheads! Welcome to ep 16 where Baltimore film maker, improviser, podcaster, and all around good guy (and so much more) John Bennett joins your favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna – for a hawt Dig Sesh! Various topics in this sesh include: Train, Lil Wayne, work lunches, Die Hard w/ keytars, Point Break the Musical!, Point Break as a gay treatise, Mr. MTV, Rocky, confirmations, Foxworthy jokes, Dan Lisle Roast, Ferris Buehler theories, baby talk, salad talk, and much much more!

Check out John’s podcast – The Chuckwagon Revival

John’s sketches – Strictly Platonic

Episode: 16 // Guest(s): John Bennett // Listen:
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[EP 15] OneFoxyComic feat. Justin Jones

Heyyy nowwwwwwwwww, Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna are back! And we brought one foxy comic with us. His name is Justin Jones. He’s a comedian that hails from Baltimore. And we talk a whole bunch of smack about, but not limited to: Die Hard, Human Centipede 2, Christian Scientists, cat videos, Justin Jones, youtubes, Whose Line Is It Anyway en Espanol!, Metallica, sexy sex, ad much much more!

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Check out all that is Justin Jones here on youtube!

Episode: 15 // Guest(s): Justin Jones // Listen:
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[EP 14] Limitless Fun & The Bets feat. Amanda Kelly

Heyyyyyyy nowwwwww Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds, Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna, are back! A comedian flaked on us this week. However, as soon as Amanda Kelly heard about this tragedy, she picked up that dropped ball and ran with it – for a little bit anyway. We’ll be back asap with a full length ep, digheads. We lovvvvvvveeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Topics for this ep include: Dogs, Dogs going to Phish concerts on acid, Morgan Freeman, Dee Snider, MSNBC, Human Centipede 2, Hungry hungry hippos, Limitless, Misogyny, Elephants, Rhinos, and so much more!

Episode: 14 // Guest(s): Amanda Kelly // Listen:
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[EP 13] Poopy Pants feat. Jenn Tisdale

Heyyyyy nowwwwwwww Digheads! We are back! And the first lady of the podcast, Jenn Tisdale, oh my god she’s back again! Too! Listen up as Mike Moran and Jenn Tisdale regale each other with pant pooping stories. See if you can tell when Josh Kuderna was the most disgusted! FYI poop talk starts at about 52 minutes into the cast, digheads. Mike Moran tells one of the most epic pants pooping stories of all time.

Topics: Michael Ian Black, roasts, the Aflecks, 80s movies, Weekend at River Phoenix’s, drug experimentation, Mel Keller and the FAP Cast, menstrual cups, improv, passive feminism, and of course Jenn and Mike talking about the many times that they pooped their respective pants.

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For all things Jenn Tisdale – http://www.facebook.com/JennTisdaleComedyBronze

Episode: 13 // Guest(s): Jenn Tisdale // Listen:
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[EP 12] Pouty Vikings feat. Mike Storck

Hola, Digheads! We are back from baron lands of guestlessness. And we discovered the oasis that is the international comedian Mike Storck on our voyage home. Hawt topics in this episode include, but are not limited too: the closing of the C&C Music Factory, taking 16 No Dos at one time, burlesque, stunt asses, stunt feces, Baltimore accents, influence of acid while working at an old folk’s home, Crazy Larry’s!, comedy on cruise ships, open mics, Canada, and etc…

For all things Mike Storck check out his website, mikestorck.com and on twitter @MikeStorck

Episode: 12 // Guest(s): Mike Storck // Listen:
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