[EP 19] Roller Coaster of Blood feat. Bridget Cavailoa

What up, Digheads! Your two favorite earbuds are back! This week another member of the Baltimore Improv Group joins Josh and Mike on their journey to Hilarious Town! The guest must remain anonymous in the description this week because or he/she drops knowledge on the chitlins on a regular basis. But, listen in and you’ll uncover the secret identity of our wonderful guest!

Topics for this week’s show include: Swipey cards, cat paws, cat pause, cat fragments, new xmas outfits, juggalos, Greece II, Baltimore Improv Group, haste, Santorum – the frothy mix of lube and feces, stoves for rent, videos for rent, 3D arrows, 3 burner stoves, teacher politics bullish, activities under tables, Look Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking II, Acme Stoves & Video, up high, a pie, SUPPER, Splatterhorn, and so much more!

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Episode: 19 // Guest(s): Bridget Cavailoa // Listen:
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[EP 18] George Clooney References feat. Mike Finazzo

Hola Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds are back and we be diggier and seshier than ever in 2k12!!! On this episode we are joined by comedian, film maker, lover, glasses wearer, and all around good fucking guy – MIKE FINAZZO!!! We talk about all kinds of ish, but mostly about George Clooney movies. Your opinion of this ep will not be UP IN THE AIR! This ep is so funny it’ll have you in the ER! We are so glad Mike Finazzo came back. His forces combined with the Mike and Josh’s created THE PERFECT STORM of funny! And now let’s wait for the Return of the Killer Tomatoes!! …..MICHAEL CLAYTON!!

Go see Mike Finazzo at the Sidebar in Baltimore on Sunday, March 4, 2012 for the live recording of his stand up comedic stylings.


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Episode: 18 // Guest(s): Mike Finazzo // Listen:
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[EP 17] Human Centipede 2 Commentary feat. Scott Macklin, Jason Schwab

Hey now Digheads! One half of your favorite pair of ear buds is back! That’s right – Josh Kuderna takes the reins on this one while Mike Moran is off on gender reassignment surgery! He watched Human Centipede 2 (Voted the feel good movie of the year at Sundance, btw!) with his handsome friends Scott Macklin and Jason Schwab! And you can listen to their hilarious reactions as Martin puts together his 12 person human centipede! So pop some popcorn, pull up a nice sized vomit bucket, and listen in Digheads!

Episode: 17 // Guest(s): Scott Macklin, Jason Schwab // Listen:
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[EP 16] Foxworthy Keytar Die Hards feat. John Bennett

Hey now, Digheads! Welcome to ep 16 where Baltimore film maker, improviser, podcaster, and all around good guy (and so much more) John Bennett joins your favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna – for a hawt Dig Sesh! Various topics in this sesh include: Train, Lil Wayne, work lunches, Die Hard w/ keytars, Point Break the Musical!, Point Break as a gay treatise, Mr. MTV, Rocky, confirmations, Foxworthy jokes, Dan Lisle Roast, Ferris Buehler theories, baby talk, salad talk, and much much more!

Check out John’s podcast – The Chuckwagon Revival

John’s sketches – Strictly Platonic

Episode: 16 // Guest(s): John Bennett // Listen:
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[EP 15] OneFoxyComic feat. Justin Jones

Heyyy nowwwwwwwwww, Digheads! Your two favorite ear buds – Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna are back! And we brought one foxy comic with us. His name is Justin Jones. He’s a comedian that hails from Baltimore. And we talk a whole bunch of smack about, but not limited to: Die Hard, Human Centipede 2, Christian Scientists, cat videos, Justin Jones, youtubes, Whose Line Is It Anyway en Espanol!, Metallica, sexy sex, ad much much more!

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Check out all that is Justin Jones here on youtube!

Episode: 15 // Guest(s): Justin Jones // Listen:
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