[EP 71] Nice Try, Shadow People! feat. Nik Oldershaw

Episode: 71
Guest(s): Nik Oldershaw

Hola DigHeads! This week Josh and Mike are joined by comedian, Nik Oldershaw. Nik is a very funny young man and (we’re pretty sure) the first teenager ever on the Dig Sesh (well, voluntarily at least).

Don’t let little Nikky’s age fool you. His standup is leaps and bounds beyond most, and not just because he exposes the unnoticed link between Stephen King and random homoerotica. Nik started doing stand-up at just 16 (when Josh and Mike were still learning basic shapes and farm animals, respectively) and in three years has made his way up to headlining comedy shows.

It’s a damn good thing modern science has proven the futility of drinking the blood of the young to inherit their talents and youthfulness, else Josh and Mike would be chugging viles of type Oldershaw product like Big Gulps!

Follow Nik on the Twitters – @Nik_Oldershaw

On this week’s show we talk with Nic about his early career back in the dark-ages of comedy that was 2010. Also, things get kind of dark half-way through when Mike and Nic begin shedding light on their favorite closeted skeletons. Bout’ to get depressingly personal up in this piece! We also discuss Stephen King, how to treat ladies and of course Methods of Mayhem.

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