[EP 68] Spin on Home, Boy! feat. Mike Turpin

Episode: 68
Guest(s): Mike Turpin

Hola DigHeads! This week Josh and Mike are joined by comedian, actor, spin-teacher, and one-time slam
poet, Mike Turpin!

As a member of the Maryland based comedy team Color Me Funny, Mike’s uplifting brand of eccentric, often-
improvisational humor blurs the line between stand-up comedy and performance art. Don’t let the fact
that Mike Turpin could kick your ass lead you to believe that he isn’t intelligent, kind, and totally weird.

A physical trainer by day, Mike has also has been flexing his acting muscle in both Color Me Funny’s
series of web shorts
, as well as in the upcoming Baltimore-based sitcom, Charm City. Also, Mike has recently been appearing on 98 Rock’s morning show with Mickey, Amelia, and Speigel, though sadly this format does not allow for those stunning Mike Turpin visuals (sorry ladies).

In this episode we discuss Mike’s younger days as a slam poet, why Mike Turpin doesn’t drink, Faces of Death Videos, his comedy influences, and more! It was quite the fun ep!

Find all things Mike Turpin at Color Me Funny’s website and @MikeTurpinCMF on twitter.

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Thanks DigHeads!!

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