[EP 145] Santa Claws! feat. Josh Kuderna & Mike Moran!

Episode: 145
Guest(s): Josh Kuderna & Mike Moran!

Hola Digheads!! This week, the Digression Sessions boys catch up with each other with another great solo episode! Solo, means two right? Well, on the DigSesh it means no guest!

Instead, listen as Josh and Mike discuss their lives within the world of Bmore/DC comedy, and their trials and tribulations along the way! What will 2015 bring for these two? Listen, as they discuss their place in the local scene, their resolutions/goals for the future, and a whole lot of sarcastic nonsense thrown in for good measure. Plus, Josh gives us his very progressive take on the idea of Santa Claus. Who says he has to be a white man, with a beard in the North Pole? Aren’t all peope’s ideas about Santa Claus equally as valid?

Find out, on this week’s Digression Sessions! Oh, and if you get a chance please do the boys a solid and rate them on iTunes and maybe mention the Digression Sessions to a friend or two. Thanks everyone! We love you!

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