[EP 93] How Does Dry Cleaning Work? feat. Mike & Josh!

Episode: 93
Guest(s): Mike & Josh!

Hola Digheads! This week we got 80% soul and 20% Oh! That’s right, it’s another solo ep. And by solo we mean both Josh and Mike. In this ep, the boys get caught up on the current events of their respective (if not respectable) day to day existences. And for some reason Mike thinks the idea of a leaky testicle sounding like oil dripping onto metal is the funniest thing he’s ever heard in his life.

Other topics this week include Josh’s recent first contact with a long lost half-brother (for real), the debatable rudeness of store employees assuming you’re unemployed (and perhaps unemployable), and doing standup in rooms nearly void of all but the elderly, an experience both Mike and Josh weirdly had separately this week. Oh and don’t worry normal people, they boys discuss this weather. Have you seen this weather?!

As always Josh and Mike had a great time catching up with a no-guest episode, and we hope you enjoy it! Please give us a comment or two on the Facebook page or on iTunes, Digheads! And why not go ahead and subscribe to the pod on Stitcher or iTunes? Thanks as always everyone! We love you! If you like someone, tell somebody.

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