[EP 77] Mike & Josh Solo feat. Mike Moran & Josh Kuderna

Episode: 77
Guest(s): Mike Moran & Josh Kuderna

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s podcast, Josh and Mike interview two of the country’s greatest comedians. That’s right, it was difficult but we managed to get Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna on the program!!!
Yeah…so there’s no guest.

Anyway, who needs some greasy ol’ guest muckin’ up The Digression Sessions anyway? We’re perfectly content interviewing ourselves till the cows come home (cue the self-sufficiency speech from the ending of Atlas Shrugged).

Seriously though, our conversation turned out pretty funny. This shorty should hold you over ‘til next week! We discuss shark attacks, translucent crabs, Breakfast At Tiffany’s for some reason, and some other crap.

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