[EP 100] TRIPLE DIGITS feat. Matt Mahaffey!

Episode: 100
Guest(s): Matt Mahaffey!

Hola DigHeads! On this week’s podcast we have Matt Mahaffey! Matt is a standup comedian and comedic actor and rolls with the local comedy group, Color Me Funny (Hey, three variations of the word comedy in that sentence!). Matt is a very funny, kind, and interesting individual and we are grateful to have him on a very special episode!

Why special you ask? Well it just so happens that Matt stopped by on our 100th episode! Sure it’s just an arbitrary number only given special significance because humans likely evolved the ten interval number system from counting on our fingers, but the emotional significance is far greater! Josh and Mike have had a blast over the last 100 episodes and are eternally grateful for all the DigHeads around the globe!

On this episode, we discuss include Matt’s eventual comedic aspirations in far away lands, rapping, shit factories, the formation of Color Me Funny and much more! Go to ColorMeFunnyComedy.com for their shorts and live dates!

Thanks everyone for 100 episodes of making Josh and Mike’s dreams a reality! If you get a chance, please say hi on our Facebook page or maybe leave a review on iTunes! Thanks everyone! We Love you!

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