[EP 177] Making A Podcaster feat. Josh & Mike!

Episode: 177
Guest(s): Josh & Mike!

Hola Digheads, it’s another solo one but don’t you worry the boys put the endless suffering that is there lives lately on hold and indulge in some very funny recent occurrences!

Josh goes into graphic detail about his recent admission into the prestigious “Adults who have Shit their Pants while Sober Club” and the ensuing illness that was nice enough to accompany him to the ball. Also, Mike explains his recent “Uber ride that almost got porny” in just as graphic, but slightly less nauseating detail. Oh and we toss on an appendix as the boys couldn’t resist screaming at each other over this “Making a Murderer” bussiness. Apparently Mike is the only person on the planet that thinks Steven Avery just plain did it.

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