[EP 172] Live at Liam Flynn’s Ale House feat. Chuck Green, Bob Rose, Joel Murphy, & Lars Periwinkle!

Episode: 172
Guest(s): Chuck Green, Bob Rose, Joel Murphy, & Lars Periwinkle!

Hola DigHeads! This week we bring you another live Digression Sessions recorded with a real audience as part of the Baltimore Fringe Festival! We have ourselves a plethora of guests on, including Bob Rose and Chuck Green of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Lars Periwinkle and Joel Murphy of fellow-Thunder Grunt podcast, Hobo Radio, and we even get a surprise little chat with the producers of Fringe Fest centerpiece, Ebon Kojo!

As with most live podcasts this one takes a few to find it’s footing amongst the awkward background of actual living, breathing, human beings existing in public, but man does it get fun once we get in the groove. We talk the birth of Rock Opera in Baltimore with Bob and Chuck, what we love within pop culture and why with Lars and Joel and how exactly a tone-poem works with the makers of Ebon Koj. Plus, Josh tries his best to finagle the new “Flash” TV show in as much as possible! This was a slightly chaotic yet very fun live one!

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