[EP 75] LazerNiceLady feat. Lazer Libby!

Episode: 75
Guest(s): Lazer Libby!

Hola DigHeads! This week we are joined by one talented and interesting lady, Lazer Libby of Lazerbitch. Josh and Mike first met Libby over a year ago, when opening for her at the Ottobar. For over a decade, Libby has been consistently bringing both the funk and the noise, with Lazerbitch and as a solo artist. Though she now works a day job, Lizzy put forth quite the effort to make a successful music project – which is ongoing. 
Check out LazerBitch.com and follow Libby – @LazerLibby.

We talk with Libby about music (obviously), how to drive a horse (obviously), her hair being blue, the surprising frequency in which Josh is mistaken a chubby Asian gentlemen, and more.

Hopefully you enjoy our talk with Libby as much as we did. If not, well at least you downloaded it (which is still to our advantage, sucker!) 
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