[EP 91] Surprise! The Cleavage Pocket! feat. Mike & Josh

Episode: 91
Guest(s): Mike & Josh

This week, Josh and Mike ride solo (and so low) once again! Noooooo, this doesn’t mean no one wants to guest on the show (Mike had the freakin’ original singer from Pantera locked in!!) but we are (surprisingly) getting good responses on these Mike and Josh only deals. And it saves costs on all the amenities we offer guests (five star hotel, chauffer, fine wines before taping, etc.).

This week Josh and Mike jump from the ever controversial subject of whether or not using one’s bra as a wallet is socially graceful, to Mike’s recent surprise birthday party (surprise! You have friends!), to a heart-warming ending where Josh and Mike agree upon the idea that man’s empathetic nature gives him emotional incentive to treat his fellows with decency (or some shit).

Thanks everyone for your support! Mike gives a special bonus shout out this week to the DigHeads that made his recent birthday extra amazing (especially Chris Carman). If you get a chance, find us on Stitcher, rate us in iTunes, and say hi on the ol Facebook fan page. Oh and all of our stand-up and improv performance dates are listed at DigressionSessions.com/Calendar !!!!!!

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