[EP 88] God Hates Flim Flam feat. Josh & Mike

Episode: 88
Guest(s): Josh & Mike

First off, thanks so much to everyone who took / takes the time to vote for us in the City Paper poll. It means a lot that we are one of the three most popular podcasts in Baltimore! If you get a chance, please show some love on our Facebook page and subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes. Thanks everyone. We love you!

Josh will be doing stand up at the Single Carrot Theatre on Friday 9/6!

Mike will be doing stand up at Club K on Friday 9/6!

And this week’s episode takes on that oft-controversial yet endlessly fascinating topic (to them) of Josh and Mike. Josh accidently deleted Jay Szech’s first appearance on the Digression Sessions but thankfully Josh and Mike were eager to fill in for a quickie, cash-in (except they don’t get paid). These intimate, no-guest eps are just what the doctor (and no one else) ordered! We kid! We love these eps and hope you do too! Two friends get to go in-depth with where they are at mentally and emotionally in the world of local comedy and maybe share a few thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church less popular signs and some drankin’ stories.

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