[EP 101] Pan the Man! feat. Josh & Mike

Episode: 101
Guest(s): Josh & Mike

Hola DigHeads! As promised last week, this week’s episode celebrates 100 Sessions of Digression with an episode 1 commentary track featuring Josh and Mike in both retrospective and contemporary
forms…or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately, we lost a piece of equipment or something so
instead of the special episode you just get present day Josh and Mike yakking it up about things, things, and more things! It’s a fun ep!

Follow Josh and Mike’s, now standard, guestless episode format where the boys start off silly, get way too personal and emotional, and end with a reference to Jared from Subway. Seriously, things get
hysterically ridiculous and seriously deep in this one folks. This may be the best guestless episode yet!

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